Friday, June 5, 2009

Social Etiquette.

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Not too long ago, a good friend of mine informed me of a recent incident that had occured at a party she attended. While conversing with a male friend of hers, a very angered, jealous female saw them together, stormed past and with great fury proceeded to yell, "LET'S GO! WE'RE LEAVING!" at the man my friend was talking to (the crazy female just so happened to be his means of transportation. But mind you, the two are not a couple).

To be honest, from how my friend went about acting out the scene via video iCHAT, to say this woman was "yelling" does not even begin to accurately describe her emotional outburst. More of, a scream, cry, and shout, all impressively combined into one crazed outburst. Her voice was even heard by many OVER THE LOUD music being played at the party.

Now I understand that most of us are no where near famous (at least on a large scale), nor do we possess a high social position or stature, but I believe that it is necessary at all times to uphold your public image regardless of who you are, your background, etc. How this woman proceeded to act out in a public setting was completely unacceptable. To address a situation in that manner is reserved only for emergency affairs, such as when your life and existence depend on your next decision, or––––well that's it, only in life and death situations.

Acting out as this deranged woman did that evening has profoundly tainted her public reputation. To restore her image seems improbable as the damage done will prove to be beyond repair. In a sense, she has committed the worst of all crimes–––social suicide.

The video shown below is a great example of bad social etiquette, how not to act in public.

Although I haven't the slighest clue as to what she is yelling, one of the comments posted on this video from youtube explain that she is "demanding shark-fin soup." She cannot comprehend how it is possible to run out of fish given the close proximity of the ocean. Because of this, she feels as though the owner is deceiving her.

Now why on earth would you throw a temper tantrum for such a trivial item? This woman even went as far as to fall to the ground and flail her limbs about like a 5 year old child. If not for the language barrier, I'd tell her myself how foolish she looks.

Pull yourself together woman.

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