Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun, Under the Sun.

Ah, it seems summer and the heat wave have finally made their arrival.
(a bit late if you ask me)
I despise when it gets so hot my body feels too tired to do much of anything other than to lie about helplessly in front of a fan.

To welcome its arrival, it is only fitting that I take time to update my wardrobe.

Here are some pieces I'd like to purchase and wear this summer:

80%20 Molly Peeptoe
Jelly Sandals
Asos Suede Lace-up Flats
American Apparel Fringe Scoop Back Mini
American Apparel Micro Mesh V Bodysuit
Bleached Jean Jacket Vest
F21 Chiffon Top
F21 Polka Dot Romper

The last one is pure awesomeness!


Raez said...

i agreeee:0 the last one is indeed awesome, as is those AA items;)thanks for stopping by the blog too;)

xx raez

Maria said...

Love the first ones. Those 2 colours are amazing together. *

yiqin; said...