Monday, June 15, 2009

Music Heaven.

Recently, my friend was telling me about the Blackberry App World that came preloaded on his T-Mobile Curve 8900. Curious as to why the bloody thing wasn't on my BB Bold, I immediately downloaded the application. After fooling around with the app for a minute or so, I discovered that Pandora had finally released a version for the Blackberry.


I cannot even begin to tell you what joy this brings to my life. My ipod has become nearly pointless, as all the music I can ever imagine has now been compiled onto my phone. Not only does Pandora play all of my favorite songs from bands such as The Whitest Boy Alive and Bloc Party, but this app also manages to play songs that I am highly likely to enjoy (I've just discovered the group Band of Horses via this app!). It's basically my own personal radio station, tuned to my liking, and my liking only.

Ah, what more can one ask for? I'm in music Heaven.

p.s. I start work today!

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tailorstitch said...

wow thats really plannin on gettin a bb so i hope i can download it too