Monday, June 22, 2009

Ford Model: Amber Rose.

Notoriously recognized for her widely publicized relationship with Mr. Kanye West, Amber Rose has begun the process of making a name for herself. Just recently, she was picked up and signed to a contract with Ford Models. Modeling alongside the likes of fellow agency models such as Chanel Iman, Rose better be able to carry her weight or expect that contract to cut itself short.

Although we can all conclude that being in the presence of Kanye West and heavily in the public eye for the past couple of months may be (well, is) the reason for her sudden appeal to one of the world's most reputable modeling agencies.

With her unique look, I find myself curious as to what jobs might soon come her way. Perhaps a solo collaboration with Louis Vuitton? Whatever it may in fact be, I hope that all of that sex appeal can be tamed. After all, let's not forget the days when rap videos were her means of public recognition.

Lesson learned: Kanye West will improve your life.

Photos via Emoda.


F Blog said...

haha i love the lesson learned part!

kiss me quick said...

so true x)

great post ^^