Thursday, June 4, 2009

So Good, So Lolita.

Summer Has Never Looked So Good, "So Lolita."

Who better to blog about for my first post than Hellz Bellz? If you personally known me or have ever seen my MySpace, my dedication to this brand is rather blatant. As a loyal follower for quite some time now, I am always amazed each season as Hellz Bellz continues to reinvent itself, placing itself far ahead of the competition.

I can recall a time when it was almost entirely just a t-shirt brand, featuring graphics guaranteed to turn heads. Now they have branched out, appealing to the maturing woman who still wants attention and the desire to stand out amongst other bitches. From t-shirts to detailed jackets and skirts, and even purses, Hellz Bellz has most certainly made a name for itself and is here to stay as the reigning champ in women’s streetwear.

Summer Collection 2009

photos via Nitrolicious


buckchild said...

The last one says fresh family picnic all the way lol.

Haute and TRASHED said...

Ha! I know right.