Saturday, August 15, 2009

Rants and Crewnecks.

Am I the only one who likes to wear men's clothing?

I feel like guys always get the coolest shirts, sneakers, colorways, etc. I suppose one can conclude that I am jealous and that this post was made for the main purpose of ranting.

Us women (primarily those who wear streetwear) are constantly left in the dark. NOT COOL. Thus as a result of this, I somehow always manage to find myself shopping in the men's section of every store.
And as a result of that, I constantly get weird stares, which I can safely assume verbally equate to, "What the hell is this girl doing over here?" or "...Shopping for her boyfriend, brother maybe?"

Not wanting to be rude, I usually respond to these looks of uncertainty with a mug that clearly proclaims, "NO BUDDY, I'm shopping for myself actually. Thanks."

The same scenario above played out as I picked up the sweater I'm wearing below.

(Men's Crewneck Sweater: H&M, Jeans: F21, Sneakers: Lace-up Vans, Watch: G-Shock)


Anonymous said...

The do cause theres really nothing to do with mens fashion they can do all these crazy things like they can with womens so they get all the cool colors and graphics.... that sweatshirt is pretty dope

Obia (Haute and TRASHED) said...

thanks for your imput!

Panda said...

Mens fashion can be equally cool. I love buying mens sweaters and tee's as they are always really cool. Love that sweater! Very jelous./... :P

Panda x

Anonymous said...

i agree mens fashion really has know where to go, i'm really into graphics and i'm always annoyed that the guys get the better stuff

Jowy said...


One Love,


I like your profile photo. It's so nondescript. Yet, so descriptive.

Obia (Haute and TRASHED) said...

Thanks Dakota!
That's exactly what I was going for.

Le Veggie Burger said...

nice sweater, and it actually fits right. i stole my brothers pants, and a shirt, and my bf's sweatpants and they all look great.