Friday, August 28, 2009

Essentially The Perfect 10.


I find it rather disgusting that I haven't blogged in so long. Sorry mates! I've been feeling lazy and uninspired. In addition, I have just recently returned to school and have been getting situated in my new house with my roommates. Given the layout of my room, it should be a lot easier to take pictures for outfit posts, so hopefully the future has many of those in store.

Dimepiece x Cassie Ventura

I'm not sure why all of a sudden this is all happening, but women's streetwear is really starting to pick up. Previously, I blogged about Teyana Taylor being the face of Married to the Mob and now model/singer Cassie Ventura (the woman who shaved half of her head) is giving Dimepiece Designs the edge they need to keep from getting lapped by the likes of Hellz Bellz and MTTM.

On another note, Cassie should cease all attempts to further develop a music career and simply just continue modeling.

lookbook via Dimepiece.


Girly said...

What are your thoughts on cassie's hair? yay or nay?

Obia (Haute and TRASHED) said...

i don't fancy it too much.
i see it as a publicity stunt gone right.

however, it goes rather well with the style and culture that backs streetwear and Dimepiece.

tailorstitch said...

i do think she should go back to modeling, she just not that great a singer, these pics speak for themselves really

Anonymous said...

so sick of cassie shes trying way to hard to be like rihanna... love the clothes though

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous I feel like all these girls like cassie and ciara are trying way to hard to keep up with riri. And as always I love dimepiece

Alex Dom said...

i like the b&W photos.. loose tops and shorts are my fave for casual. :) i started following your blog :) im digging it :)