Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Collaborative Effort.

hair + winged eyeliner + red lips + pear
ls + shades + lace = the ultimate collaboration.

well done.


Austere said...

Amazing look by Rihanna. She always looks stunning.

Le Veggie Burger said...

i love rihanna shes always wearing something great. and i agree this is an amazing collaboration

Jasmin Alexia said...

Her hair looks amazing!!!

sick blog. love your clothes :D

Nataliexxx said...

Rihanna's style team have made a great outfit once again. This outfit is truely gorgous and I LOVE her makeup also.

I have nothing against Rihanna but I always refer to her outfits as being styled by her 'style team' b/c it wasn't her brain that came up with even 1% of that glorious outfit. I know so many people in the public eye have stylists... I'm just a major fan of those (famous and regular people such as you and me) who effortlessly use our own creativity and preference to create our own unique outfits. Idk, I see Rihanna in particular as being just toooo trendy for my style preference. It's so much nicer to see ppl in outfits they put together themselves even if it's only 50% of the time.

She always looks fabulous though!