Thursday, October 1, 2009

So High Society.

Do you remember the very beautiful Sarah "Sweet Sixteen" McSweeney from past collections?

As a dedicated affiliate to the Married to the MOB team and MOBLivin' Blog, she's returned to her place in front of the camera as the face for MTTM's new collection, So High Society.

(p.s. Brooke Nipar shot this. =])

Personally, I feel as though they could have came stronger with this collection. The way I see it, MTTM continues to rely on past seasons and such to stay afloat. The collection with which Teyana Taylor modeled brought forth a couple new concepts that has not been used by the label before, giving the impression that they were progressing to new heights. Sadly, it looks as though they've reverted back to their old ways. Yes, you've mastered the hoodie, now lets move on.



Anonymous said...

first of all the model is Sarah McSweeney, not Tabatha. Neither of them were ever on My Super Sweet 16. Second of all this collection is nothing like MTTM has ever done. They mastered the hoody, and from the looks of this photoshoot, they mastered much more, to leggings, denin, sexy tops, bomber jackets, windbreakers, and so on. Get your facts straight, or your eyes checked!

Obia (Haute and TRASHED) said...

First, thanks ANONYMOUS for catching my silly mistakes.

Second, you are entitled to your opinion as I am to my own. Thus, if I did not like the collection, that is my decision, and what do you know, it's my blog as well.

Thanks for visiting. =]